Three Kings is Back!

TKlogoIt has been nearly a year and a half since you’ve heard from me on these pages, and boy have those been a journey.

In those eighteen or so months, my former employer, Kanal PIK, has risen and fallen, I’ve gotten legally married and Georgia has a new government, just to name a few.

For me, I’ve gone from editing endless news bulletins in the shared offices of PIK and Mze TV, to working from home — a spacious former komunalka — freelancing for various places, but primarily chasing financial news for Mergermarket, a newswire owned by the Financial Times Group.

Oh, and my hair has grown much, much longer.

Part of what took me so long to get Three Kings up and running again was that I wanted to make sure I had a good slate of content coming your way and I wouldn’t be merely faking you out with an “I’m back!” post followed mostly by silence.

The other reason is that it has been so long that I’ve grown unfamiliar with all this web hosting stuff and am having to teach myself how to run a site again. Once I do, expect Three Kings’ look and layout to change, because change is good.

For now, I have some good stuff coming up for you — a testimonial from a young Iranian on the impact of sanctions on the economy and youth, an analysis of Georgia’s sacrifices in Afghanistan and a full inside look at the fall of Kanal PIK, my former employer.

Keep up by following me on Twitter @ClaytonNicholas and on Facebook here, there’s a lot on the docket!

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