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‘With the First Pick in the NFL Draft, the Kansas City Chiefs Select: Not Luke Joeckel’

So, if you know me, you know that I am a unrepentant Chiefs fan unswayed by years of poor management and inept play. As a way of keeping a link a back to that conversation alive, I write a weekly column for Chiefs fan site Arrowhead Addict. This was my latest piece on draft talk and what the Chiefs should do with their 1st overall pick in the 2013 Draft.

Last week, I laid out why I think it would be a mistake for the Chiefs to select DT Star Lotulelei with their first pick. This week, it’s Joeckel’s turn.

There’s probably no player more frequently mocked to the Chiefs than LT Luke Joeckel, but there are a lot of problems with that pick.

Still, let’s start with the good:

He’s a blue chip player at a blue chip position and if the Chiefs don’t re-sign Brandon Albert, it’s a need position for the Chiefs as well.

By almost all accounts he is one of the top three prospects in this draft. Left tackles with the natural ability and prototypical size that he has do not grow on trees. In a year of iffy quarterback prospects, tackles also tend to be safer picks and he’ll be cheaper than retaining Albert’s services most likely.

He has no injury concerns and held his own against some of college football’s best pass rushers in the SEC. All around, he is a low-risk pick and could be the best LT in all of football with some development.

So why not take him?

First off, while there is an overall lower bust rate for tackles in the top of the draft, they’re not a sure bet either. Of the eight tackles taken in the top ten since 2008, all but two are currently rated by Scouts Inc. as just “good starters,” which they describe as a “Solid starter who is close to being an outstanding player … Has few weaknesses and will usually win his individual matchup but does not dominate in every game, especially when matched up against the top players in the league.”

That’s not exactly an inspiring result for a 1st overall pick. If you pick in the top five, you should be landing a guy that is a star in the league for years, not a guy who is merely better than average.

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Three Kings goes into sports reporting … sort of.

Quarterback Matt Cassel calls the cadence before the snap.

While I was back in the States at the end of August, I was ravenous for any exposure I could get to American football.

My two favorite teams, the Kansas City Chiefs and the Washington Redskins, have been perennial losers over the last decade, but, partially because I played the sport back in school and partially because following it is one of my few links back to the homeland, I obsess over the game.

As such, I took a day out of my week back in Kansas to road trip up to St. Joseph, Missouri with my mom and watch the last day of Chiefs training camp and decided to take a few photos while I was at it.

Since I got some good stuff, I pitched the pics to the Topeka Capital-Journal, where have some contacts from my interning and high school freelancing days. Unfortunately, like everywhere, TCJ has brought the axe down on their freelance budgets and in the end they couldn’t offer me any money for them.

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